The Life of Pi (to 4,325 digits)



I believe it is actually the first 4326 digits of Pi, including the leading 3. It is the first 4325 decimal places of Pi.

BTW, LOVE the shirt. Thanks for designing it!

Yes, that ZAP video was totally bizarre…

And is it just me, but was anyone else expecting a boat, tiger, and pi symbol, or some combo thereof, on this Life of Pi shirt?

Cool design though.

As a math teacher, I would totally appreciate this as a gift. Now I have something to wear for Pi day!!

As the owner of a pie shop, this is the best thing ever. Thank you!

longing for this in long sleeves, lady sizes (almost fall)

crust looks tasty but a little well done, which can also be said about the design.

Now if it had been the last 4,325 digits of Pi, that would have been impressive.

Don’t be so irrational.

The first 250 digits are OK (had to check before purchasing one).

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They make us dress up like adults in the office thus no t-shirts. Can I get this in a wall poster? Then I’d be the alpha geek in the office…

Shame it’s brown. :frowning:

way to hold out on buying this one, Montana