The Literature of Love

The Literature of Love

Fantastic design

I say Wooter you have done such a great job of not buying a bunch more shirts since the buy shirts get blankets, then @lioncow comes along with the buy $30 in shirts get a tumber - ok, ok cool - it was an adorbs spiderman perfect for 2 young guys in my life, THEN its buy 2 shirts, get $ off, and a tumber for $21 and I say ahh perfect unicorn for young lady and a science one - I got this, so far 2 more mugs for me, 3 gifts and only 1 shirt, THEN THIS … I love books, I love to read

Why do you hate me Woot and I am looking at you @lioncow and @ThunderThighs and @kg07 STOP DOING GREAT DESIGNS

Thank you for coming to my Woot tshirt rant, I have to go now so I can but this shirt