The Little Princess

Okay, mashups don’t get better than this. Super!

watercolors of the alliance?

Translations often lead to interesting detours.

Congratulations on the print! I love it, making MN proud, because those Minnesota Frostworms aren’t getting it done, lol.:slight_smile:

Is Jar Jar Binks going to be walking around Disney World now?

Oh. My. Yes! Unrelated, do woot shirts shrink in the wash? I can’t remember.

Why isn’t she standing on Alderaan?

Ooohh that’s right…

Mine have a little, half a size or so.

Very cool! If I were a girl I would order these. Of course, if I were a girl, chances are I would’ve been pressured by society to believe sci-fi and science are only for boys.

Female scientists and female nerds rock!

Ah, but can he draw a bantha that’s been eaten by a Sarlacc?

the perfect shirt for you

But instead, as a boy you’ve been pressured by society to believe that you can’t wear a shirt with a girl on it?

Dessine-moi un R2D2 se il vous plaît.

Not if you wash in cold, hang dry.

Yes. Yes, they DO!


Great design/shirt!

Beautiful design! :slight_smile:

Absolutely the best I’ve ever seen. Great job of capturing the feel of the Saint-Exupéry style!

YES, came here to say that, exactly.

This shirt’s not even feminine. It’s a Star Wars shirt. There was a Princess in Star Wars, and she kicked major ass. Wear it and be proud, man-nerd.

Kelly, you did such a fantastic job. I love the book and love the illustrations and you just turned it into something even better. With some recent bills and Christmas, I cannot buy this today but I will be purchasing at a later date for sure.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; and that is why Storm Troopers never hit their targets.”