The Little Princess

Getting it as a tote! As a side note, there are a ton of prints on Woot that I’d love to order as totes!!

Darn it Woot! Why don’t you sell smaller children’s sizes? I totally want this for my daughter, but she’s only six months old… Ever considered screening onesies?

Love the design, just on the fence about the need for text.

Aww this is super cute. I love the mash up here.

Thank you everyone for all the overwhelming support!! I’m so glad you love this mash-up as much as I do :slight_smile: Butt-kicking Princesses rule, so wear this tee with pride nerdy girls and guys (I sure will be).

Adorable and clever, Kell!

Um… A very similar design was for sale earlier this year (I think Qwertee, but I can’t remember). Here is the link now:

Grats on the print Kell! Love it-

i love it ! how to buy?

Too much close to this design, which was a success some time ago…

First day Sales: 934

Ugh, missed the tote. Will it be available again soon? :frowning:

I agree. I would have totally bought this for my daughter if there was a smaller size available or a onesie.

Please make this available

I keep trying each day to order this, but I keep being told it’s out of stock. :frowning:

Yes, please check back often as some designs are returned for seasonal, Reckoning,promotional events.

Hmm, where’s the option to select the tote as shown beside the shirt?

Hi there. The totes were offered only on the first day of the sale.