The Little Things

Chemistry must die.

And don’t forget to always stay positive!

What about neurons?

Electrons are smaller and more enjoyable, despite the negative charge.

Protons? Aren’t electrons smaller?

Awww, don’t worry little protons, I won’t forget about you! You make me smile and those are the shirts I enjoy the most.

Enjoy the little things in life. Except fine prints. Those things are a pain in the ass.

It would be better with an electron. Or you could re-word it to say, “There are plenty of small things to be positive about…like protons.”

It says enjoy the “little things”, not the littlest things.

When I saw this shirt, the first thing that I thought of actually was Particle Man by They Might Be Giants.

Anyone else?

Totally awesome use of a musical theater song. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Love, Wife of a Science teacher and Mom of a Theatre teacher.

Ladies, enjoy having people stare at you awkwardly as they read your shirt.

ha! And also the strange and charm quarks, quite the bring on the smiles tag team.

I concur!

Best writeup I’ve ever seen!

(protip: play the video and sing along with the new words. It’s a relatively special experience!)

Part of me wants to buy this and wear it in front of my chemistry students, and another part of me knows that if I do wear it, I’ll get nothing but eye-rolling the rest of the quarter. Hard to decide!

I think quarks have the coolest name. Electrons maybe second.

What about the Higgs Boson? Seriously now, I become happier every time I think about one of those.

Rarely has a shirt ever had such a magnetic effect on me.