The Long Goodbye Pullover Hoodie

Hope this isn’t the end. Still 1:20 till midnight. I can get one more shirt. Would love one more AA.

Hopefully they end it on a bang. Something like the detours.

Dare I say that this shirt.Woot-off has actually been … fun? No Bella Or Canvas, but there were surprises here and there and AA shirts to keep us checking all day.

Well done, shirt.Woot team!

So, no more hinting or tucking one in, back to straightforward. I want this and the ‘Buzz Aldrin Always Sounded Like A Sports Name’ hoodie (missed it the 1st time) in an Outer Space/Space Program plus sale.

Ooooh, I want this, but I already have the t-shirt!

Still waiting for a lightweight hoodie! Something abstract please. Like those painty birds, def would have bought that.

Agree! I’ve enjoyed it.

I have to say the biggest surprise for me was seeing Adder purchase The Cake Is A Liar (first sucker!)

Life made me late, but I enjoyed the last 2 hours. A shout out to all my fellow wooters, and staffers too! Nice job!

I’ve enjoyed the Shirt off, also. This is my first and I am anxiously awaiting the next, no matter how little sleep I get.

I just wish they wouldn’t leave some of them up longer than others. The longer detours are great, though.

Hate to burst your bubble, but that was from the shirt original launch WAY back in the day. They rebooted using the old numbers. Still, a fun reflection of a old member.

As the result of any serious woot off, and I was serious…I need some sleep. :slight_smile:

I think it was intentional, to post this, when they did. Definitely a long goodbye.

Kind of a crappy way to end the Shirt off, if it is, but whatever.

I took a much needed nap, when things got slow. I am ready for another 3AM night, but obviously this won’t go that long.

We have to keep some element of mystery in our relationship, don’t we?

Yes, you are correct. Thanks Jen. The surprise continues (for me anyway;). However, I’m not surprised about myself making an error; it’s way after 10pm ET. (: Goodnight

You are entirely correct, sir. I throw my congratulations to the team behind yours.

This was really delightful. Great addition, woot! !!!

I am amazed by how much work something like this must take, but you still wanna be innovative and fun!

Awesomely done.

Certainly was a fun shirt-off! Or shirt.woot woot-off…whichever I sure enjoyed myself, and had to keep checking in. Unfortunately things like sleep, and taking care of my very sick cat kept me away and had me miss some of the more interesting shirts, but that’s the way life rolls.

Thanks shirt.woot for the shirt-off/woot-off! :slight_smile:

Most definitely, but I still can’t quite get myself to submit to random t-shirts. I’ve seen way too many go through the Shirt Off that I wouldn’t be caught dead in and I am guessing they will be the random fulfillment.

The moment of truth is in 3 minutes.

Will Woot bring out one last surprise, or will they end it here? Stay tuned, to find out!