The Long Goodbye

Makes me a little sad, proud of the best moments of the space program and very glad the Star Trek movies got better after the first one.

I like the concept, but I could have used a bit of color (space isn’t just black and white).

But beyond that, I just can’t bring myself to wear a shirt that has text on it. To those that would get this shirt, there’s no text necessary…and to those that wouldn’t, the text doesn’t help. Talk is cheap, and it cheapens this shirt.

Of course, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong. Who wants pie?

Totally agree with you on that one!! The first Star Trek movie stunk.

V’Ger requires the information.

This is just awesome.

Ah this is so great, it’s perfectly irreverent.

Goodbye, Voyager. Hello, Vger.

The voyager probes are interstellar spacecraft and not satellites.

True, but probes just aren’t as romantic.

It depends if they buy you dinner first…

If we hurry, can we catch it?

At one point, didn’t they offer two different brands of shirts to print on…? Or am I confusing Woot for another company dun dun dun dun…

I’ve heard some folks that talked as if their alien probes were somewhat romantic, but then Voyager isn’t an alien probe.

I like the addition of the text. Without it, the design becomes unbalanced. Draws your eye away from the probe and turns a static image into a clever design.

I personally like the text. Can’t wait to get mine in!!! I’m getting my husband one to as he currently owns about a tenth of the space themed shirts that I do. That’s a problem.

Thanks for all the good times, voyager.

At least it has some road trip music.

I’d have bought this immediately without the text. I mean the entire premise of Voyager 1 and 2 is that they are meant to leave. To travel into the unknown. With them is a tiny piece of our humanity and our culture. The idea of it saying “Later, Dudes” kind of demeans that idea. Both belittling its role as a true explorer and ignoring the deep cultural heritage is literally contains.

It’s kind of like if you wrote “SWAG” on the Mona Lisa. Now if it was some kind of cartoony caricature, it might make sense, but how do you make a caricature of a space probe?

Maybe I’m crazy here but I would just feel wrong wearing this since most people wouldn’t get it and those that do would be like… “Oh… because Voyager is leaving the solar system… ok.”

Don’t worry, it’ll come back…and some Space Captain will try and figure out what it was. Twice.

Seems to be several Woot-ers expressing similar sentiments. I must say I don’t get it, can someone enlighten me on what makes AA better than Anvil?