The Long Goodbye

I find it depressing that no one ever mentions the Pioneer (10 & 11) missions…okay, so their cameras weren’t as good, but they were first!

Now where is the shirt for MESSENGER?

If you could afford enough fuel for a massive fleet of rockets or ion engines and hundreds of years… yes.

To be accurate, the dish should be pointing back toward the solar system–waving goodbye with all that luscious data about the edge of the solar system, not ignoring us as it leaves.

I could go either way on the text, but I agree that I the AA shirts were better than the others. (Woot! Bring back AA!)

I would totally buy this if the tagline were “See you, Space Cowboy…”

More Bebop shirts, please!

Cool idea!!

LOL, so many V’ger references, but I won’t lie, it was the first thing I thought of when I saw the shirt.

Maybe this work have been Better, “In case I don’t see you good afternoon, good evening and good night.” from the Truman Show, but I think it would have been too many words!

Seconded. The basic idea was good, but the movie itself was a complete snooze-fest. Especially when you consider how much better Wrath of Khan was.

Netflix has a bunch of Star Trek stuff now if anyone is a subscriber.

admiral, there be whales here!

Argh, so tempting but I’ve been SO stingy about anvil shirts… why couldn’t this be on a purple AA in a side sale? Hah!

I disagree with the sourpussing on the text, especially that it’s disrespectful. Putting some pop culture slogan on there would be the thing that’s disrespectful… yes we all love Bebop but it’s got nothing to do with this probe or it’s mission.

“Later, dudes” is perfect. It adds a sad familiarity and some personification to the probe. That’s what I’d say if I were leaving the solar system forever. It adds a nice little twist to this design so it’s not just a shirt with a “satellite” on it, or something dumb like a frowny face or hitch hiker rucksack over it’s shoulder

The Little Spaceprobe That Could. :slight_smile: We’ll see you out there someday, voyager.

Been working on my wife for an hour now- her “NO MORE TSHIRTS” rule is killing me.

I love this!

Came to post this.

Depends on what you’re into. :smiley:

“I call it what it is, a probe, and I call my life what it is: Hell.”

I’m late to the party… Glad I caught this one before it zoomed away at 38,610 mph… Later Dudes…

Great shirt, I think the text is perfect personally. Now i’m worried about the shirt itself though based on the complaints on here cause I know my shirts aren’t nearly as good sometimes which this might explain.

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They just feel and fit totally differently. I don’t like the Anvils, and I’ll only buy one if it’s just a super-fantastic shirt. I wish Woot! would just raise the price a dollar and go back to the old AA shirts. Or maybe just change to some other vendor besides Anvil. Whatever…a change needs to be made.

Voyager is currently about in the Oort Cloud. It would pretty much be seeing all black and white…