The Lurker
*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

shucks, none for me today. this is sorta a weird/creepy shirt…

This shirt may be about me.

Not for me…I don’t hunt and I’m not a stalker…but if you are…have fun!

I really really do not like this shirt. I just don’t understand it maybe.

Same here, but congratulations to Willy all the same.

The map is extremely dark right now though. XP

I don’t know, for some reason, I kind of like this one.

hm not for me…

Yeah, this seems to scream stalker more than anything else to me. I can’t exactly see it symbolizing anything that’s not creepy. Maybe I’m just missing the point. But obviously I’m not the only one.

Lurker = someone who avidly reads forums/posts on an internet site, but never replies or otherwise acknowledges his presence to the rest of the community.

They usually know most of the regular posters in a creepy 1-sided kind of way.

if i stare at this real hard do you think i will see a sailboat? I keep looking crosseyed into it but the image is still not showing up.

Soooo… this should sell well, but nobody to whom this applies will actually post that they bought it… :slight_smile: should make for an interesting forum!



I’m somewhat of a lurker… but I don’t know you guys so I’ve got that going for me.

Says the person with 9 posts in three years. ;~)

I was thinking the same thing - though not a sailboat - a unicorn. Everyone who complained about white and cutesy stuff should be happy. Congratulations Willy!

I had to buy this shirt as soon as I saw it. Cute little inside joke I have with a rather large group of friends about lurking. Should stir some laughs or smirks.

Please say that was an intentional Mallrats reference!!!