The Lurker

Given my registration date and my number of posts, perhaps this shirt is for me!

I’m definitely a lurker, but this shirt creeps me out.

You just ruined your number of posts!

I’m sure everyone will ask you " What’s that shirt say"? And having to explain it would just be awkwardddddd.

OHHHH. There’s text. I didn’t even notice. ><

I like this shirt more now.

Hey, I was just lurking around in here and noticed your totally cool signature - Thanks!!
I think we should all get one of these - then when we see us out and about in a lurker shirt we can share knowing smiles - quietly.

Me too… back to lurking… D’OH!

2 post in nealry 4 years suggests your probably are, in fact, a “lurker”. And I don’t agree with you, and the others, equating lurkers and stalkers. Lurkers are observers, students, albeit perhaps slightly OCD. Stalkers probabably have a perverse agenda. Your suggestion that those of us who might buy this shirt are stalkers is contumely.

i’m not a lurker though.

i’m too tall to lurk around without being seen.

In for one, it just seems like it’s the right shirt for me somehow.

On a side note this would make a good gift for that creepy introvert in your life.

Kudos to Guillermo Piva for the design. However, I don’t see too many disturbing elements in it to coincide with its title. Just the obvious, a few human forms, a window frame, few other odds and ends.

I might buy it, anyhow - I do find it interesting - so, if it is still available in the morning…

wth. maybe there will be a less psychotic and more appealing shirt for tuesday. i’m looking forward to it.

Did you notice that it forms letters that actually spell “LURKER” ? I didn’t until someone else pointed it out.

Says the guy with 2 posts in 4 years. That beat even the product description!

I resemble that remark.
Why develop interpersonal relationships with virtual people?

It’s virtually impossible anyway.

this is quite artsy, i dont’ like how the word wraps around tho… i think it’ll be great on a wall or something


Unless you’re still holding out hope that Danny McGrath will cross your name off his list of “People To Kill” …

And it was only ONE post before The Shirt ferreted him out.