The LUSH Watch by CROW


Wha happen?

CHEROKE55 if you’re on here, you have a PM answering your question! Check it out!

sherl crow?

That last woot. Never happened.

The Woot! Gods have spoken.

Maybe they figured out that was never gonna move :X

The thinkcenter go bye-bye?

"The LUSH Watch by CROW

The LUSH Watch by CROW
Current numbers (updated each minute) "

Well, I would hope so. This is a watch we’re talking about.

Wow, they removed the computer altogether? It’s not even in the community list.

The last deal didn’t exist?

Crow - you out there? Did you make all these?

What just happened to the thinkcenter? was it so crappy that woot had to get rid of its existence? Am I going crazy?

What on earth is “lush” about this watch!?

That was not the woot you were looking for…

the lenovo disappeared! This woot-off is rigged !!! :smiley:

Wow, it’s like Wootception.


Bye Bye IBM~~