the M.Wiseman Group: Wooters Who Killingtime Suspects Might Be Someone Else


Current prime suspect(s):
FenStar (Bluebledthesea, Josephus, ARGH)
qwertyuiop000 (qwertyuiop000, Neo, Josephus, AZGman)
Previous suspect:
M.Wiseman (McGuffy, Proteus Crow, Josephus, about fifty other people)

who else belongs?


“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.”


Goo goo goo joob?

I swear I am not Fen…


“I am the Qwerty, koo koo ka-choo.”


I am not anyone but acmom.
Oh, and the eggman.


Then who’s the dcmom?




No, bluebled is the eggman.


I confess. I’m Fen.


No you aren’t. You don’t know photoshop nor is that your arm.


If you are confessing you’re Fen, then I am Qwerty.


I’m Fentacus!


And why do I have to be the eggman?


Because you have all those parameters about egg selection and egg eating.


Huh, that does actually make sense now that you bring it up. Point taken. I am the eggman. (You have a good memory.)


I do.


I picture you.

I most picture everything.

It is a memory tool.

Woo hoo! 21K! Congrats, me.


Did I ever tell you how awesome you are? :wink:


Every morning, in the mirror! :wink:


Damn, we go through a lot of mirrors.