The Mad Sun

And the sun sings: Ain’t no sunscreen high enough, nothing can keep me, keep me from you.

Yay, you included Pluto!

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Pluto: Y’know, maybe I’m NOT a planet after all. Bye!

so how do you order the tank top?
all options are for the tee

Whoo boy… Whoops! I’ll pass along this issue and let you know when we’ve got it fixed.

Sun’s out, guns ou–OH MY GOD SUN WHY

Wow, inspired by The Oatmeal much???

So I ordered an American Apparel shirt when the only option was “Tee.” My confirmation email confirms this as an AA Tee. Now that Woot has added the option to choose between Tee and Unisex Tank, the only option available for AA is a Unisex Tank, which I REALLY don’t want. Will Woot uphold my original selection and send me an AA Tee, or do I have to cancel and reorder?

Ordering for tanks and tees is all set now. Good night everyone!

Confirming that I had no issues selecting an AA tee, so I think you’re fine.

OT: journal sale (couldn’t find a comment link there)

The event page for the journals says "
Ends on April 12 at 1:08AM CT". Does this sale continue until 2017? If not is it June 12th?

Sorry for posting under the wrong event–I checked several journal pages and could 't find the comment link.

This is a definitely a Bwa-ha-ha-ha! shirt! :slight_smile:

I am seriously tempted…I wish I didn’t have so many black shirts already.

Now which planet will be the sun-slayer?

You will get what you ordered.

It’s set to end April 2017. It’s because of something weird with the way they have to set up these events.

Has kind of an Allie Brosh look to it. “Burn all the things!”