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Stereo week?

two music shirts in two days?

Not that I’m complaining… just odd…

I like the design, it’s pretty hot. Not going to get one, but nice job.

I LOVE THIS SHIRT! Definitely have to get it.

Fantastic design. Very nice, great work.

Quite a stellar shirt… Perhaps I will be in for one…

Pretty, although I found out that I prefer the design to be less solid.

I loved the Emo shirt @ DBH. This one is nice, but I feel as if it’d strip my manhood if I wore it.

I really like the graphic…except for the spray paint and drip affect behind the head. Love the cranberry too.

this is a great design. its very tempting… but no job = no woot = sadness

I like it, gratz to the artist.

This is a really tempting one. I’m not quite convinced though; I would’ve loved to see the image a little off-center. I think that would have put me over the edge. It is a very good design though and I might just have to get one.

Definitely interesting art. I’ll have to ask the females of the household if they want one tomorrow.

This shirt is so very much what I’ve been wanting for a while now. I want a cranberry shirt with a sweet design. This is both. Unfortunately, I don’t know how I feel about the paint drips so I will sleep on it and look again in the morning. Awesome design though, good job to the artist.

Very nice design, I love the way the hair is drawn. Congrats to the designer!

Amazing design, I’m most definitely in for one. Best design ive seen on shirt.woot imo.

I love the design and I love the color, its just that the sizings of these shirts are maddening.

A shirt fits well, in my opinion, if it fits right at your jean’s pocket’s opening. These go WAY below… a good 2-3 inches. It’s very awkward.

The first few woot shirts I got fit well… now these seem to run really long. I’m already a lanky build. Surely Im not the only one that has this complaint, right?

Absolutely beautiful art. Might be too good for a T-shirt… :tongue: