The Madness Of Miss Stereo

not for nothing but, this is not original , its the cover for The Soul Sessions, Vol. 2 by Joss Stone. its not exactly the same but the idea is ripped off.

This is actually a rerun of a shirt Woot sold five years ago, so if anyone stole the design from anyone, it’s Joss Stone copying from Woot.

They’re picking pieces from early woot to now. This piece is EASILY 4 years old (and I THINK it’s actually 5 years old) Regardless, it’s still a great piece and it deserves attention. And if you’re on the fence… for $10, I’d snag one up.

There’s nothing new under the sun.

There’s nothing new under the sun.

If they would sell differnt styles of shirts id love this, but the necklines are too high for me.

Yeah, the shirt WAY predates the 2012 album cover. THIEF!!


It’s DETOUR time, and this shows on the main page as Print To Order, but when you click through to the order page it shows Sold Out! :frowning:

yep, missed the pretty one

That is no fair! Someone should have reset the counter for each version of DETOUR. :frowning: