The man who ended the war

good thing he didn’t decide to play rock…America would be a very different place today if that had been the case.

I think I finally found a shirt I can use my coupon code for.

Always rock, dictator… ALWAYS rock… sighs

They’d say that’s unfair.

My AP World History exam today asked how World War II ended. I, of course, wrote in secret answer F) RPS tournament.

Woot, first sucker!

Forget scissors; everyone knows that Lizard eats paper.

This shirt will soon be Mein.

That’s right, fascists. America doesn’t take any of that “2 out of 3” crap.

Good ole’ Roshambo, a game that can play into infinity as long as one side is willing to repeat the phrase, “Best of [insert number].”

This shirt is so full of Allied win.

Too many people would look at the first image on this and get a bad impression in my area. Le sigh.

Buying it anyways. Sensitivity has never been my strong suit.

This would sell many more shirts if the guy on the right had an Arizona flag on his arm and the guy on the left had on a Sombrero.

Oh no… is tha- is that the CLAW?!

Run for your lives!

Quit Stalin and buy one…

i like it… the dancin soldier is funny
cant help but think that itd be better horizontally though

I don’t think it needs to be horizontal. I just think that first image is superfluous.

If only war were that easy to end these days. Love the shirt, and perhaps we should send one (as a suggestion) to the Secretary of Defense (who I am certain is a closet Woot fan).

ich muss haben!!