The March Of The Projectors

Here’s my post from the last time the BenQ W770ST 720p Short Throw was up for sale.

Unless you’re looking to shell out the extra money for 1080p or LED, I’d highly recommend it!

I have the ViewSonic PJ551. As can be read from the specs, it has no digital in. Thus I will be selling mine off on Craigslist or eBay soon. With that said, it served me well for the occasional movie night off of the computer through the 15 pin (analog) connector). However these are rapidly being phased out of most devices, so You are going to have a hard time with this projector. I also had a lot of “rainbowing” from the DLP technology. I don’t know if other ones are better and most of my friends had no issues, but anytime my eyes darted across the field of view, I’d see flashes of rainbow colors. Buyer beware…

I was interested in the Vivitek D516 because its the cheapest one that says HDMI on the device, but there is no mention of HDMI in the connections. What gives?

Curious, I was wondering the same thing. It appears that images from the internet explicitly show that this “HDMI” advertised projector does >>NOT<< have HDMI, or >>ANY<< digital input for that matter…

I’ve had a great time with the Qumi Q5 (got it on the last projector run). Got a (HDMI/SBS/TAB)3D->DLP converter and enjoyed a few movies off my 710 Chromebook (Crouton/Ubuntu/XBMC).

Anyhoo, big suggestion? If you wanna try out Eco mode, turn it on, turn the projector off, and don’t bother using it 'til the next night. It’ll look too dim if you were just watching it on normal mode, but looks good once your brain doesn’t have the previous version to compare it to.

We had the wrong image. Specs were correct. Image has been updated. Sorry for the confusion.

BenQ MW870UST short throw projector**.**

Set up on the floor.

It’s not an ultra short throw. (The throw requires at least 2 feet from the wall)

It’s noisy. Not disturbing but it is noticable.

I would pay the extra $377 for the Ricoh ultra short throw. (minimalism is important to me)

The Ricoh PJ WX4141N is an ultra short throw. It requires 5 inches from the wall for a 40 inch diagonal image.

tl;dr = $750 as a projector, excellent deal. Not an Ultra Short Throw. Still impressive.

Received my ‘factory reconditioned’ LG BD430 projector yesterday, which seemed to work for all of two or three seconds when first plugged in, before making a small popping/clicking noise and going completely dead. Woot support tells me they’re waiting for a response from the manufacturer; needless to say, I have my fingers crossed that this ends well.