The Memory Company NHL Logo Neon Lamp

The Memory Company NHL Logo Neon Lamp

So, where is the Blues NHL lamp?

Sorry, but I gotta call BS on these photos. I’m a retired neon sign maker. Even if you’re not familiar with neon, most people know that neon glass is one continuous line, beginning and ending at the base. If you look closely, you’ll see that these photos have been heavily modified. Buyer beware.

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They are imitation neon made from LEDs. If you search Youtube for BigClive and LED Neon, you will find how they are constructed.

As a sharks fan, that Sharks neon light is ugly…so disappointed.

I don’t think so. Take a look at the word “islanders”. The letters, as displayed, are not even connected. Besides, if it’s LED, it should be listed as LED style neon. What ever it is, I guess I wouldn’t expect much at this price.

Well let me put your mind at ease, don’t fret the islander letters do not even exist. Not Neon, NOT LED. I just received mine and it is printed on a plastic sheet.IMG_3568 The Orange circle and NY seem to be neon, but I do not know any different.

Per the vendor, these are NEON. :slight_smile: