The Micro Flannel Bedding Parlor

100% polyester flannel?

Back in my day, flannel was made out of cotton. I guess that’s the “micro” part, as in microfiber?

Le sigh.

yeah the Cuddl Duds from Kohl’s
are soft and don’t pill up that much. I picked up 3 pair again this end of the season for less. 100% Cotton Very warm! * yes they are Heavyweight Flannel not Micro Flannel*

I ordered two of these king blankets and am so very pleased. It appears there were more than 12 solids offered, and while I might have passed based on the pics of the solid colors: I scrolled to the bottom & was delighted to find a lone print among the offering.

This ‘Pinecone’ print doesn’t appear visually similar to the solids in fabric/texture, looks thinner & also less prone to the possibility of any piling. Now, given that I live in an area of towering walls of pine trees where everything–from our towns, to schools, businesses, streets–includes the name ‘Pine’–I found the blanket incredibly attractive & a must-have.

It is ‘micro-thin’ yet adds a nice layer of warmth & comfort. It is extremely soft, and it is stunning by simple elegance. It has far exceeded my expectations, thus I am now searching for matching sheets, matching everything (by Shavel Home Products).

Perhaps Woot will offer more of this line, in ‘Pinecone?’:slight_smile: Thank you very much for this outstanding, unexpected find, Woot!


Trisha: Thanks for coming back to give feedback on the blankets. I’ve passed it on to the buyer.

Thank you kindly for passing this along! Will be more scour-some/ scourly (gotta be a word) than usual in hopes of seeing more of this gorgeous line. Always happy to provide feedback; meant to do so sooner, perhaps been snuggled in my blanket(s) a tad much–but hey, if one must have bronchitis, must also have such lovely blankets & other assorted creature comforts from Woot, right?:slight_smile: Thanks again & please take care.