The Midnight Flasher


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Haha thats funny.


grats on the daily dekonstruct!


I feel like I’ve seen this before. Does it look familiar to anyone else? Was it entered into a past derby or something?


I love this shirt, but the only thing that keeps me from first woot is considering if I could ever wear this in public.

I have to sleep on it, but again, I lol’d when I saw this. Great design, grats to the artist.


Flashers, cameras or shirts?


Hahahaha! Congrats, dekon!


No, actually it’s not funny. Did you even look at the shirt?


Dude I was just thinking that.

Really, can anyone tell me I’ve seen this before?


im a photographer… i felt like i had to get it. and i think its hilarious.


As an amateur photographer, you’d think I’d find something in this one I’d like. Its weird, I love asphalt, monotone colors, and photography, yet I find nothing attracting me to this design. Oh well, I finally get to save my 10.00 for once. Doesn’t happen too often :wink:

This was from a derby wasn’t it? I KNOW I’ve seen it before somewhere.

Congrats on the print!


i really dont get it? the “wodak” is pooping itself…too difficult for me, or i must be really tired…




Congrats on the print dekon! :smiley:


grats dekonstruct! Very cute . . .hmmm my brother likes cameras, and probably flashing people too


As a photography major the lack of accurate shadows bothers me.


Exactly, then you have color combinations you can work with, ect. Also, its an easy way to up a layer and be more warm!


I third that, possibly forth… I’m not sure if anyone else before me agreed


Yes, I too have seen this before. I think the artist posted it in a forum saying he submitted it for Daily consideration.