The Midnight Flasher

i really dont get it? the “wodak” is pooping itself…too difficult for me, or i must be really tired…


Congrats on the print dekon! :smiley:

grats dekonstruct! Very cute . . .hmmm my brother likes cameras, and probably flashing people too

As a photography major the lack of accurate shadows bothers me.

Exactly, then you have color combinations you can work with, ect. Also, its an easy way to up a layer and be more warm!

I third that, possibly forth… I’m not sure if anyone else before me agreed

Yes, I too have seen this before. I think the artist posted it in a forum saying he submitted it for Daily consideration.

what a revolutionary idea. you mean to tell me that any cheap old longsleeve t-shirt can be worn under my awesome shirt.woots to be suitable for wintertime? thats an awesome idea! =)

I’m pretty certain this was from the PANIC derby.

You haven’t seen Skatetown hee hee hee

Did this one come from the Panic derby? I don’t usually check the forum for derby design submissions, just the derby page itself, and I saw this one, so I think it was an actual submission. Don’t think so now that I checked the honorable mentions and didn’t see it for the panic derby. Darn it.

saw this and promptly bought it. I can’t pass this kind of shirt up ever.



EDIT- there has been nothing but joke shirts for 3 weeks straight, I’d like to see a pattern more than once a month, and I think more than a few people would agree.

I GOT IT NOW!!! wowee really fun


I actually like the idea. I just couldn’t wear this in public because the lens on the larger camera resembles… well, not really resembles… represents…? Meh, I don’t even have to finish this sentence…

I’m sure if you ask again politely, woot will look at your extremely low posts and think “Lets change how we do business for this person who doesn’t even participate in our site. After all thats what we are here for. To please every single person who lurks until they decide to lodge a one lined complaint!”


Its not from the Panic derby I just looked through shirt.what and it wasnt there. But I know I have also seen this before. We need to find the original source

Geez, what’s with the hostility? It’s just a joke, lighten up