The Mini Sex Box of Questions

Ahahaha this is awesome. Play it with the GF’s or BF’s Family!

Woot is getting kinky :wink:

I got 3 just for the hell of it.


this place always gets a little blue before the end


So… should we be answering the question?

It’s Monkey Time!

Meh. If shiping was free, I would buy them

I would rather have a monkey. Bring 'em on!

Could it be more subtle with the handcuffs on the front

First sucker: sendittome

Should be bundled with the fertility test kits…

Happy trails…

Wow. A whole 21 cards.


I really don’t know how to respond to this, so here is a useless post.

Olivia Munn, Famke Janssen

90 day limited warranty… ummm wat

Boo Woot. Bad taste. Disappointed.