The Modems

It still rattles around on the mental radio some late late after midnights.

Congratulations on your 1st place win, Fishbiscuit! :slight_smile:


(You’re welcome.)

LOL! Thanks, Narfcake! Boy, does this bring back the memories! Fun! I’m going to use this to play a joke on somebody! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I don’t get it. Mine doesn’t make any noise at all. Maybe it’s because you have it laid on its side and it can’t get enough airflow. Have you contacted your cable company to get a replacement? I have this one:

Your speaker must be broken. When you return it, make sure to tell them that it doesn’t make the right sounds… (grin)

2400 baud? How about 300 baud. Anyone remember that???

I think 14.4 was the best sounding speed.


I also have one of the Hayes 1200 baud modems in the aluminum case. It’s one piece of hardware I refuse to recycle because it’s just so cool looking.

Yay for old modems! Thanks for voting for this one, wooters. :slight_smile:

Acoustic modems that plugged in to a TI thermal printer terminal.

Now that’s computing!


Oh, I’ll be telling my cybernetic grandkids about this.

Having lived through the days of loading games on cassette tape, the first modems almost sounded pleasant.


/me picks up the phone

Oh S^%T sorry!

'member 9600 baud. i remember!

Upgrading to 14400 was a highlight of my youth

Oh, yeah, fitting the telephone receiver into the unit! Also, using 600 baud to connect mainframes between states.

Dang youngsters! GET OFF MY LAWN.

I date back to this:

Took me 4 hours to download a 10 second 320x240 CNN clip. May have been even lower res than that.