The Moped Diaries

not a moped.

I was reminded of my Thing That Scoots tee when I saw this.

On the one hand, the double scarf thing is kinda cute. On the other hand, if the guy on the back slips off, they’re both totally screwed.

cute. I wonder how high the placement is? Are they going to be on your belly? Or your chest?

Think I would rather them zoom across my chest. I think

I hoped that a penguin in shades would be riding a Harley, not a moped.

Don’t they have helmet laws where they are?

These colors look amazing on lemon. Great print.

huh? is this a parody of something?

I worry that a penguin can’t properly use the handbrake without thumbs.

A huge number of people subscribe to a misconception that mopeds are scooters and/or that scooters are mopeds.

Mopeds are otherwise ordinary bicycles with motors attached to the chain. They can be optionally driven by (mo)tor or by (ped)al, hence the name. Scooters are scooters. You can’t pedal a scooter. It’s not a moped.

Apples and oranges, people. Apples and oranges.

Viva Chill Guevara.

This would be an amazing gift for my girlfriend…If only it wasn’t on yellow…if only

X10 million. Mopeds have freakin’ PEDALS. Scooters do NOT have pedals.

Ergo, if no pedals exist then you be a scooterist.

The confusion arises from the fact that some smaller scooters are legally classifiable as mopeds in some jurisdictions. But you are quite correct in that nobody with even a basic knowledge of scooters could confuse a Vespa-style step-through frame scooter with a moped.

(Also, after all the quasi-bootleg shirts featuring video game characters, I’d be amused if it’s Piaggio that ends up sending Woot a C&D over intellectual property issues. That is SO obviously a Vespa LX that it isn’t even funny.)

So conflicted!

Hate of penguins vs Love of Diana’s style.

GNNNNGH… head explodey

It’s a cute design, and the colors pop on the Lemon tee–but so help me I cannot unsee the two front, low lights and tire bumper as glaring eyes and a frown.

If this print was on a green shirt, it would make a nice Christmas shirt. Though its still pretty cute and cool on the yellow. So thumps ups!!!

Is that a scooter or a Vespa?

This reminds me of Eddy Izzard’s bit about scooters. Do these penguins look fascist to you?