The Music Within

That piper seems awfully happy considering he was lunch

If only the flautist was female… I’d totally be in for 1. I’d wear it to orchestra practice.

Definitely one of the most “hand-drawn” style shirts we’ve seen in a while.

Alex, your tees are awesome… and this is too. I imagine the bird missed having a song to twitter and he saw Tom Thumb playing his piccolo, and scooped him up to be his buddy forever.

Or I’m just crazy. In either event, it’s a great tee (don’t let the white-tee haters get to you!)

Be assured, friends, that is not a jazz flute.

This shirt is cheap, cheap.

wow, this is charming

Huh. So this is the guy responsible for disturbing my pleasant sleep in the wee hours of the dawn…PUNCH

All feeble joking aside, this is beautiful work. :slight_smile: Awesome detail and rendering of the bird.

It seems like everyone has a tattoo anymore.

We’ve definitely seen our share of bird shirts on Woot in the past, but this is one of the only ones I can remember that I’d feel confident taking to an ornithologist for identification-- it’s just that detailed.

It certainly must’ve taken some time. I’m glad that there are people like Alex Solis out there that have the talent and motivation to create something like this. Very nice.

As a professional flautist, I am obligated to buy this. +1

whistles very nice…

It’s beautifully done. I may have to get one, even though I played the clarinet.

That looks painful.

Is that even a flute? I thought it was a fife. Would make sense, with the musician’s uniform and all…

I’m not a white shirt hater, but I do own one white Woot shirt that I’ve never worn, because it’s quite see-through. I guess that’s great if you like that kind of thing, but for some reason the sight of my bra distracts from the design of the shirt.

TL;DR: Sigh. None for me.

You must not hang out at deals. =P

I bet he’s from Sally’s Army XD

Must resist Inception jokes!