The Mustache and His Loyal Sidekick

YEEEEEEE-HAWWWWWW Yippie ki yi yay fires guns into the air randomly

cool chuck Norris tee shirt

Eat your heart out Yosemite Sam

That’s one bad muth…shut your mouth.

If I had a mustache like that, I’d give ladies free rides.

Great animation-style on this design from Chumpmagic. It looks like it would fit perfectly in a Warner Bros. cartoon.

I love the bullet-riddled cacti in the background. It really makes this shirt a story rather than just a design.

I don’t see how he can see. Maybe he can’t see because he seems to have been shooting a lot of cactus. See what I mean?

Old school cartoon style fun and now I have a “feeling” I need to watch that Tick episode again. Hum along.

pa-pa-pa-purchased! Chumpmagic (n.): winning, duh

The World Mustache and Beard Championships were last week, too.

I think this fella would’ve won.

Quick change of topic … 5000/shirts a day now? Because yesterday’s sales were 4681, and the button was bouncing at T minus 30 minutes …

What a hair-raising design! The Mustache looks like he’s raring for a brush with danger. He’s just bristling with anticipation!

The cacti look like they’re made of Swiss cheese.

the mustache looks like it’s coming from the back of his head…

I wonder if El Peludo is a Fop or Daper Dan man…

Say hello to my little friends! Wooo, a old west shirt. They were made to be on creme.

With those split ends, Fop if ever I saw it.

Is your mustache holding two guns or are you just happy to see me?

Heh, I got nothing. ^^;

Congrats, Chump, great character work :D!

Also nice to see some more cream shirt love. Awww yeaaaahh.