The Narwhal



When does the narwhal bacon?


Be sure to check out the blog about our new digital printing. You can buy almost every shirt we’ve ever printed now… anytime.

Read all about it here.

Experience it here.


Got distracted for a minute by h*ly frack, all of the designs?!??!?!?!!! but I like the solid almost woodblock print bite of this art as well as the color choices.




So the reckoning is now essentially meaningless. Ok.


Loved the write-up! Please feel free to simply write jokes any night you don’t feel inspired. :wink:

I also LOVE the revival of old shirts! Now I won’t have to ration which shirts I wear so often.



No. Read the link.


Not at all. Read the blog. It’s an entirely different printing process… and price.


The on demand shirts are digitally printed; while the shirts being reckoned are screen printed. In addition, on demand shirts are $18. So there is (in my mind) still a significant difference. Both in medium and price.


Make sure you check out these CLASSIC SHIRTS.


1 am eastern.


congrats bro!!! :smiley:


I’m thrilled about adding an old design I’ve been waiting for. Yet half the fun of woot was hoping it would come back and getting up in the middle of the night to see if it was there when I took the dog out. (c:




Great work, color scheme is awesome


That’s okay… The Narwhal doesn’t need your approval.
Oh… Wait… Are you referring to the digi printing? Eh… It’s not the same. Now if the announcement was to say they were switching the women’s shirts to something more flattering on a woman’s body only for digital, you might see some issues.


Now This, Be Funny!


When a narwhal vampire bites you, you don’t become a narwhal.

You become a shish kebob.