The nation in my head is inside my mouth.

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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YAY EDGAR!!! awesome!!

cute. maybe

This is a funny one, I think its PERFECT for the color blue its on, and the tooth smiling with teeth is hilarious.

YAY for edgar!

Yess! In for one!


I am so happy this was printed!
In for one. I love you woot.

Such a great shirt. Thanks for printing an Edgar.

Wow, that’s a deeptrack in keeping with Lemme Get Your Digits and -M… this is truly a niche shirt for only dentists and hygenists with a couple of tooth freaks thrown in…

I like the edgar love, but this wasn’t my favorite of his from this Derby. A little too cutesy. Most of his are a little cute, but this one is a bit too much, and I don’t really get it.

Congrats Edgar! :smiley:

Sorry, but this is another cutesy shirt that just leaves me cold. As far as “teeth” tees go, I have to say that I preferred Thorax Dentata over this one. Come on woot, would it kill you to offer us something with a bit more bite?

I don’t know but I thought right away Connecticut would be off the charts with this one, I think the C state and this color blue and white go hand in hand for some reason. Maybe it makes no sense but when I think Connecticut I see bright blue.

P.S. Anyone else feel like woot is testing us with the cutesy shirts all in a row a little while ago, then dropping a bomb with like 4-5 killer not so cute shirts and then boom right back at em?

maybe if I was a dentist… Who would wear this out in public???

Here in NY and in the wrong area, you’d get shot!

It’s a crest!


Oh yeah, an Edgar shirt! I am soooo there! Congrats, Edgar!

Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Hooray for Edgar!!!


What about the cavity creeps. Now if we could get an old school shirt of those guys.


It was from Imaginary Crest week XP… I think I’ll have to ask my mom if she wants one. :slight_smile: