The New Guy

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

Haha, best daily I’ve seen in ages.

Totally should have been a Dalek.

Hmm… Cant decide if i really need this one! Its cute though! I’ll pass! Nite!

In before “would buy if it weren’t on cream”

This is cute, but the colors wouldn’t fit me. :frowning: (of the picture, not the shirt :p)

oh man… if it was a dalek i would have been on this shirt like adder on criminals

btw… to all the artists out there, i wouldn’t mind a dr. who shirt :slight_smile:

Hm, this is really rather cute. Congrats to the artist on the print :slight_smile:


hah, cute

I like it…the deep thoughts fire hydrants must have…

Really? :\ It’s okay, but the creme color…yuck.

Alas! If it weren’t for the cream!

DC area artists are doing well lately on woot. College Park last night and then DC itself tonight.

hahaha, i’m far too pasty for a cream shirt, but this is one of the least lame valentines day shirts i’ve seen. funny as heck.

ps. bahahahaha at the description

Wenceslao Almazan really is a pretty great name. Congrats on the print. Novel idea. :slight_smile:

Maybe with the increase in print runs and sales/kids’ sizes, Woot might add a few new colors to the AA arsenal? I really feel washed out in cream and it prevents me from buying most shirts unless I love them that I would normally get.

Also, how about a purple box after the black, as I once suggested for those who’ve bought way too damn much? :smiley:

Awesome, yet ANOTHER cute shirt.

I guess woot figured that selling shirts to moms and people with bad taste is cheaper and easier than making good designs.

lol at the color description

Blarg, I might have to get it even with the cream! Robot love is the only type of lovin’ I want this Valentine’s day. Er, that came out differently than intended…