The New Guy

yea, that sums it up

this would have worked better on a blue shirt. any color blue. IMHO

yea, ill be sure to let my mom know the next time she stays up till midnight for another woot shirt

Nice… a Dave Matthews reference in a StarWars reference :wink:

not for me but grats on the print, Wenceslao!


probably just me, but this shirt reminds me of Wall-E, somehow.

very sweet, though

i’d buy this if it weren’t for the creme

booo! bought before checking sizing chart. since when is a size 4 a medium?

American Apparel runs about a size smaller for their shirts.

I’m still waiting for my first woot shirt to come so I’ll know if a medium really fits me…

I just checked, on the tracking page on fedex it says “delivery exception” and it was on 1/31/09. The detail says “customer not available or business is closed”. I didn’t get any note at the door though. I thought they would just leave it at the door?

Agreed, A DOCTOR WHO shirt would be great. Could have easily Dalked it out. But not the new Dalek, go old school.

Yeah if we’re going to keep printing shirts that border on copyright infringement, I have some requests as well.

the last one was never printed :stuck_out_tongue:

He looks like wall-e


Oh… perhaps I should add… check out a calendar… there is NO Sunday the 31st in January of 2009.

we should recognize the fact that woot is offering these shirts (yesterday’s and today’s shirts) in plenty of time to get them for Valentines Day.

They have avoided all the “You wait too late and make us pay for overnight shipping to get it by X Holiday…” argument.

Thanks woot.

Congrats Wenceslao!! I’ve loved this shirt since I voted for it on threadless. They were stupid not to print it. I’m glad to finally get it. :smiley:

Ah, love … its as perennial as the grass,

Best daily I’ve seen since I joined, but not worth my $15, sorry.