The New Guy

you could also just pay $10


It’s a cute shirt, I’m thinking about it.

Great site, by the way.

Oh really? And I get it shipped to my non-existent PO box in the US, and then fly over and get it do I?

Not worth my $10 + $500 plane ticket either…

I was going to post that
International orders are 15 bucks , but then I thought… let em think what they will.


Walmazan. Proving that cute doesn’t NEED to be idiotic and styleless.

Great to see your work around here, sir. Good luck on the sales.

was just gonna say that.

sorry, rocketjohn, I didn’t know you needed the international shipping. not a big deal.


Holy ship it’s Walmazan! Indeed good to see you over here. Good luck!

awwww… love it.

I was thinking the same thing, but I just watched Wall-E this weekend and started watching it again last night, ugg kids, not a bad movie for adults for a single viewing, but not 2 in a row.

Yes, the shirts run really small. I buy a women’s large for my size-4 daughters. Even the mediums are uncomfortably tight and short for them.

Is it strange I think the description and this shirt sum up my last relationship… She even was a redhead hehe

Until you realize that all of the “Non-Valentine” shirts for the Heartbreak Derby coming up will need the $5 shipping to get them in time.

ah, yes. Very true. However, I’m hoping for some heartbreak designs that have nothing to do with “love” per se.

I’m also expecting at least one cutesy anime design to print next week.

Heartbreaking, indeed.

Dude, I’m already dying on the inside.

And a time machine, since the first shirt will be printing on February 13th.

::facepalm:: I didn’t see that. That’s even worse.

Meh, not really a very creative design today, pass…

I like it. I’m one of those pasty folks that can’t wear cream though.

I’d really like to see woot start printing on some more colors, maybe add pink, purple, and teal to the arsenal, but I can only imagine the wailing ‘I CAN’T WEAR THIS I’M A MAAAANNNNN’ comments that would ensue. :frowning: