The *NEW* Official Unofficial Box of Treasures (UBOT) List - 2022

Just looking to plug in here. As a newbs kinda hard to elbow my way into a table of established peeps. So the rando posts seemed apropos.

If I’m not wanted it’s cool. If i make the cut i have cool shizznit. If not … well I’ll post where i can.

Just thought I’d be fun to do a grown-up chain letter thing with unwanted gifts.


lol… that’s the thing… we’re like a high school clique. We have to get to know you before we let you into our secret society. And you thought all that high school crap was over once you became an adult! :rofl: :cowboy_hat_face:


Well then plug in, let us get to know you! Do like politics? I know a great place you can talk!

The thing is, we’ve had boxes just disappear so we’re trying to be smarter and get to know people before sending them a bunch of merchandise.

Talk to us, we don’t bite…


Name a thread. Not trying to spam the uBOT thread :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Give me a couple of minutes…brb :smiley:


Here’s the Grotto, my favorite place:

Here’s Taz’z brilliant political thread:

Here’s a thread with a lot W’s:

Do you garden?:

Here’s a thread with beautiful murals:

Do you have a pet? Are they unimpressed? Of course they are:

There’s more, but this will get you off to good start.



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That’s not what I heard!


That’s the WAD crowd.


This is a good one too!


Yes ma’am


Hey I put DVD’s in there, I let the kids actually bc we do not have a DVD player anymore. Way to go a

crush two little kids spirits and a nice gesture LOL

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I meant Woot! Started the multiple AoS same DVD’s trend.
I got 4 in one BOC.

As previously mentioned, I don’t mind them and I don’t think they are outlawed in the UBOT ( there are currently some circulating [ I think].


Everything is back on track. My father had to come swoop in and get the boxes out for me as I have been hit again with covid. I had it at the beginning of May with a mild case. I didn’t think I would get it again. I am really hoping that this is the end of my roller coaster for now. Normally I am not this chaotic and I am totally losing my mind. :joy:
But they said it should be there by Thursday. Fingers crossed and excited to see it along it’s journey.


Thanks Papa UV for helping.
Sorry to hear you are ill!
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I hope @WoosterRooster doesn’t see that!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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It looks like he is just soaking, not fully committed!


Wow, that’s awful. Hit with Covid twice in a few months time. I really hope you feel better soon! You definitely hit your Covid quota:)


2022 UBOT reveals:

Wooter772326458 - Original sender, Shipped 3/21/22

Queen89 - Rec’d: 3/26/22 - Reveal: NEW UBOT - #466

bankernosaj - Shipped: 3/26/22, Rec’d 3/29/22 - Reveal: NEW UBOT - #516

gingirlj - Shipped: 4/01/22, Rec’d 4/6/22, Log Book Reveal, 4/9/22 Kept Reveal: NEW UBOT - #804

FrostByte - Shipped 4/10/22, Rec’d 4/15/22, Reveal Pending, 4/22/22 Reveal: NEW UBOT - #927

gemi27ss - Shipped 4/22/22, Rec’d 4/27/22, Reveal Pending, 5/1/22 Reveal: NEW UBOT - #1038

Neiciejean - Shipped 5/2/22, Rec’d 5/6/22, 5/7 Reveal Pending, 5/16 Pending Update, 5/17/22 Reveal: NEW UBOT - #1194 & #1360

moles1138 - Shipped 5/16/22, Rec’d: 5/17/22, Reveal Pending, 5/20/22 Reveal: NEW UBOT - #1267

RebelTaz - Shipped 5/21/22, Rec’d: 5/26/22, Reveal: NEW UBOT - #1333

BlackRose13 - Shipped 5/31/22, Rec’d 6/10/22, Reveal Pending, 6/14/22 Reveal: NEW UBOT - #1483

cartr1 - Shipped 6/14/22, Rec’d 6/20/22, Reveal: NEW UBOT - #1613 and #1615 and #1616 and #1623

Wooter194802706 - 49lbs Shipped 6/23/22, Rec’d 6/24/22, Reveal: NEW UBOT - #1743 and #1744 and #1745.

uvassassin - Shipping: 6/27/22, Rec’d x2: 6/28/22, Reveal Pending, Reveal 7/2/22: NEW UBOT - #1821

LMLCABC06 - Hopefully Shipping 7/7/22, On It’s Wayyyyy 7/11/22
Back to Wooter772326458

Rules refresher:

  • When you receive a box, let the group know the box has arrived.
  • Privately contact the person below you on the list, to get their shipping info. If you do not get a timely response from that person, it is your responsibility to report that to the group, so management can make a decision on skipping ahead down the list.
  • Take photo(s) of ONLY what you are keeping. Post the photo(s) to the group, along with an itemized list of what is in the picture.
  • Use a highlighter to cross off in the book what you are keeping.
  • Start a new page in the book, head it with your screen name, and then list all of the NEW items you are adding.
  • Put the book and highlighter back in the box, pack the box up with the left over items you are not keeping, and new items (which should be equal to or better than what you kept), and ship it off to the next person (shipping tips can be found on this post).
  • Send the next person a tracking number PRIVATELY, and post to the GROUP that you have actually shipped the box to the next person.