The Newton Tree

Gravity, for the win!

A newton a day keeps the Doctor away.

For every “gift” from the tree, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Am I missing some inside joke here? Or is this shirt just not very good?

Hope this helps:

The gift that keeps on giving.

You must be missing several. The giving tree is the children’s book it is a parody of. And well. Newton and the apple story.

I wish that instead of “The Newton Tree” it said, “The gravity Tree.” This is perfect for me. I love the giving tree. Great children’s book. AND, I’m a physics teacher. This was made for me.

Perfect idea, how did this not already exist? :slight_smile:

I had to post a link to a story about the real tree. I work at a science based company and many people do not know that this tree is still alive.

Gravity ALWAYS wins. Just ask Radiohead.

First shirt I’ve bought during early morning prep time for school in a long time! Way to take the science teacher’s money :slight_smile:

Ok, that helps a great deal. I figured it had to be something!

Wait, so it was a green apple? Then this shirt is full of historical inaccuracy!!


Always hated the book. Has a very poor message of never ending giving to a kid that keeps using with out forethought. Tree’s love is great, but kids destructive and ignorant. But love the shirt.

“Newton left no account confirming he had been inspired by a falling apple. The story appeared in a book by French philosopher Voltaire published in 1727, the year Newton died at the age of 84.”

So, this shirt is based off of a partially fiction story and a completely fiction story. :slight_smile:

Hello friends, you may see a shiny new, lower price on today’s tee. Anyone who bought it before the price drop will be contacted later confirming your $2 refund.

the price is dropping like apples!

So, is this just a random thing for this shirt? Or is this another $10 price thing during the 25K cup?

ETA: I got the 25k cup confused a little, so these end up being two unrelated questions. I thought the 25k cup had started, but it’s only the submissions that have. So, the question then becomes, will the 25k cup shirts be $10? I know, that is now irrelevant to this particular shirt.