The Next Alphabetization

Sorry to disagree, but “S” should have been Spot.

The accompanying poem is out of this world. In for one for number one!

“X is for Xerox, you’re stretchin’ it here, son”

ikr? who writes this stuff? give them a raise.

::nasal snort::

Uhhh, in the episode, which was inspired by the popularity of the Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Worf very clearly stated that he was not a merry man. And, in point of fact, being a Klingon, he would not be considered any type of “man” to begin with. And finally, by the 23rd century, I doubt Riker or anyone else would still remember the Xerox corporation or what they are famous for today. Newbie mistakes. Better luck next time.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go finish my designs of a Heisenberg compensator, clean out my pocket protector, and find my inhaler.


And I still say “B” should’ve been for bunny suit. Poor Deanna isn’t represented at all on this.


Lovely nod to the Chief O’Brien webcomics with “Standing Around”. And your Data is uncanny.

Excellent shirt.

Nobody liked her anyway. ;^)

I agree! Which would make K Klingon!
And Four Lights should have been Five…deeper

Shirt? Pretty good.

Poem? A++

I think it could have been better. The “I” should have been Interstellar Starship Congress they were always going or coming from one of those things, or taking delegates to them. I love the inner light episode however, most of the episodes were shuttle missions gone wrong. This tee was a quick buck. C-

Thanks for the great write-up!

C should have been for Counselor!

Not entirely true. Riker(s) liked her.


WE MISS YOUR GREEN BAR also thanks to all who complimented the writeup