The Night is Dark

Awesome!! :smiley:

Definitely the shirt to wear the night the episode airs where Jon Snow is killed by the Night’s Watch for losing focus on his duties.

…and full of terrors.

Love Game of Thrones!

I’m guessing Game of Thrones?

You guessed correct.

Creepy yet serene. And totally amazing.

Yay another shirt for my Game of Thrones Sunday wear.

Doesn’t the “shirt of the day” usually have free shipping?

Absolutely love this shirt!! And the bio is one of the funniest I’ve seen :smiley:

Yeah, those were the days. Welcome to the (not so) new woot!

After A-zon bought woot, they raised the daily T price from $10 to $12 but the corporate hive mind thought we would perceive the cost lower at 7+5.

In for one, before I get to be too fat for my (under)armour.

true story, bro!
everyday I’m restoring…

But now you can add other things to your cart for that same $5 shipping. Perceive THE SAVINGS!

That’s a pretty stark message.

Thank you Woot for running my design today and thank you Wooters for wooting!

You’re a clever man. But you’re not half as clever as you think you are.

Respectfully, ThunderThighs, I stopped “perceiving the savings” after you guys stopped the $5 a day shipping cap and moved to $5 an order. One of the many reasons I no longer care for Woot-offs. I still occasionally purchase from you guys, but not at the frequency I did before the shipping rate change. Quit being “penny wise but pound foolish.” Just one wooter’s view. Thanks.

It’s kinda funny that our sales were always $5 shipping per item EXCEPT for the 9 months where we ran the $5 all day shipping promotion.

Which was an awesome promotion that encouraged me to buy stuff I didn’t need. There’s little danger of that now, which is probably better for my bottom line in the long run.

I understand that it may not be practical to group all woot off purchases into one shipment, but it SEEMS like it should be practical. That’s why it SEEMS like the $5/day shipping should still exist.