The Ninjabread Man

No see, no eat. The evolution of edibles.

Ninjabread Man is quite possibly the worst game ever designed for the Wii, in my opinion.


Last year my kids chose this for Christmas to bake.
It was really fun to decorate.

Game Grumps fans have a very, very different memory of this game than others who have played it.

guess what! I knew this was the Ninjabread Man without needing to READ THE JOKE. Damn, shirtwoot designers, do you think everybody is an idiot?

Sometimes people enjoy that “I get it!” moment.

That is funny! Yesterday my 5 year old said, “The ninjabread man” and he thought he was saying it right. I was thinking of designing a shirt with this on it. Great design!

Couldn’t agree more. Looked cool in the bargain bin, though. So I own it.

I am dumber for having seen this.

I didn’t think ninjas used machetes.

Is it just me or does he look a bit like an S&M gimp? I think the mask and crossed chest straps do it.

Well now I can’t unsee it…

I bought a shirt on Dec 3rd and it was shipped on the 9th. It’s the 15th and no shirts. The postal ninja’s must have the shirt somewhere.

It’s still moving. Looks like FedEx has giving the post office a heads up that it’s coming.