The Offering

A beautiful lantern-themed shirt, and a write-up referencing Descartes’s first meditations?..

…I kinda feel obligated to buy.

Aww! What a cute monster playing with lanterns!

Lantern light reflection in the horned monster’s eyes. Nice touch!

ZOMG! The write-up offends me! How dare Woot belittle my sacred cows?
Moo, I say!

I’m back and on a PC so here is your image for tonight (cropped properly)

Also: Really enjoying the ‘offensive’ write-ups. Keep up the great work woot. I can’t help but feel @llandar might be responsible for the last couple. Probably wrong though.

This shirt certainly puts a whole new spin on “Tangled,” doesn’t it?

Ah, Anna-Maria’s adorable monsters! I’d recognize them anywhere… although I hope I don’t run into them in my sleep. :slight_smile:

If I can’t figure it out at a glance without zooming and without reading the write-up, I’m out. Call me an old fuddy-duddy.

Ok, but remember you told me to.

You old fuddy-duddy.

Same here, I recognized it right away and my heart felt glad. There’s a certain whimsy about the design that I like, but at the same time simply because it is at night my mind says there is an ominous tone to it.

As cool as this is, I would have bought it if it was just the negative space city, boat and lanterns.

Sky lanterns: good for more than just ritual offerings or making adults cry at animated movies.

Wholesome UFO Fun!

Cool otherwordly colors make this really unique, just check out those close-ups. It looks very dark on my screen, but I trust Woot to print it well.

Congrats, AMJ!

Buy with confidence, that’s all there is. Don’t believe anything those giant horned monster worshippers say.
Awesome lighting on this one. Glad woot provided extra detail shots for a closer look.

Thanks for the nice compliments!

The write up is great and represents my idea exactly! ALL HAIL TO THE MIGHTY HORN GOD!!!

Also, he will kill us all if we don’t send those lanterns!

Reminds me of True Blood season two.

“Bullsh*t! God’s got horns!”

So THAT’S where the wild things were… :slight_smile: Lovely shirt… I may have to bite even though my wife will ground me…

I have so many gray shirts, black shirts… But it’s just so lovely!

I love the smooth colors and mystical feel. In for my first shirt in months!