The Official Unofficial Box of Trash List

Here’s my reveal:

  1. Yellow sweater-super cute and has buttons down the back!!!
  2. Nook e-Reader- seriously, thank you! I had one for years and loved it so so much, until someone stole my purse out of my locked car last year. I was so upset!
  3. Battery charger-super cute!
  4. Make-up bag
  5. Candle that crackles and smells like burnt wood.
  6. Wonder mixer-because I’m “wondering” about it and I cook professionally, so maybe it will come in handy.
  7. Spatula tongs-my son stole it for his play kitchen
  8. Forget me not seeds
  9. Amazon basics black iPhone case
  10. Automatic soap dispenser-perfect for the kitchen! I seriously get so sick of cleaning the soap bottle.

I may or may not keep an additional item or two depending on this repack. I will post if this happens to be the case. It’s harder than one would think once you begin adding in your own crap.

I have postponed sending the box out until tomorrow. @SylvreKat messaged me and is out of town for a few days and would prefer to be back home for the delivery.

Thank you all! This was such a great experience!