The Official Unofficial Box of Trash List

ok, one thing bad about the new job–it’s darn impossible to ship a box when my hours are the same as the post office’s! Guess y’alles know what my first chore tom is.

meanwhile, here’s what i kept from the UBoT, modeled by a pair of spiders in honour of Hallowe’en.

4-pack set of hot sauce–my best friend totally loves hot sauce, so this’ll be part of a Christmas present for her

1 container of everything bagel seasoning–for my big bro who loves that kind of bagel

1 new VCR tape, 'cause for real you cannot buy these anywhere anymore. instead, i go to Savers and get the longest movies they have for a buck–i have taped over Dances with Wolves twice, Apollo 13 once, The Gambler once, Gypsy is on tap for the next round

1 really nifty Golden Eagle (or perhaps hawk?) sticker

2 pkgs of seeds for next spring’s garden. I’ve never grown from seeds before, so this might be a bust

1 refill pack of Snowy pines air fresheners. now i need the plug in part to match. That’ll be after i ship the Box tom. hopefully they will kill the lingering smell of dirty fish :face_with_hand_over_mouth: from when i cleaned one of their filters last Sat.

i have added my contributions, which must be more than i took out based on how hard the Box was to retape. i’m fearful of how much this thing will cost to ship. i’ll pm the tracking to mops when i get home.

edit to clarify–the spiders did not come with the Box. i already had them. And one really nice thing about new job, they and two other buddies decorated my desk area all week. We had fun with SPIDER ATTACK!! more than once.