The Official Unofficial Box of Trash List

Well, I received my box and decided not to keep you in suspense! What a box, so much stuff!!! I did keep a few things and now to figure out what to send. Best part is the next person is only 30 min away!!! I should just drive it there but I won’t lol.

I Kept:
Learn to Bowl and Fantasy Magazine
Charleston Chew (been in the box for bit, but I will still eat it :joy:)
Bowlo Cards (huge card collector and bowling fan so win/win)
Smart Wifi plug
Cutting board scissors

My daughter kept:
Dog socks
Aluminum wallet
Stress Ball
Orange Sunglasses
Meshuga Mints
Face Masks and Hand Cream

And I’ll gift the shirt to my father in law. Lots more still in the box too :grin: