The Official Unofficial Box of Trash List

I 100% don’t know what all I kept. Here’s what I remember, basically if it was heavy I kept it. And the socks. You can’t send socks to me and not know I’ll keep them ok? ALL THE SOCKS BELONG TO ME!

drain brush
spiral peeler thing
hangers (not heavy but bulky)
tiny box that was cute
a tiny dish exactly the size I needed (too cool)
Most of the candy because the heat was making it gross (sorry)
A duck
A hat
Two toys
Two phone chargers
Metal poke thing
Gate latch
Old Bay seasoning
Care package from Mbs
Pink sparkle poop - the cats actually grabbed this. I thought it was in the box until I found it in the living room.

And a few odds and ends I don’t want to list because there’s more in the box and I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

It was 23.6 lbs (according to the bathroom scale) when I shipped it out.