The Official Unofficial Box of Trash List

here is what i kept…

special shirt and magnet from mb.

ugly m purse cause ya know M!

froto…lord of the rings…

ya know i mean you don’t know but i had special wedding rings made for us when me and rich married 20 years ago with

elven script for real he loves lord of the rings. lol

it says our names… ya know in elven.

shit it is upside down. lol

cute hat and gloves scarf.

2 skull mugs…

2 beautiful made by @pepper114 hats…

rescued that poor beat up in the cage little bird

box of cat toys they are mostly chewed by now

cool travel mug

pill splitter cause everyone needs one

skull ice cubes

game of thrones pin

i make poor decisions shirt
cause it is perfect… even if you don’t drink wine…lol

and i loved that nebraska postcard!!

and @dafrogman sourdough looks like crumbs starter…
i may need help foggy.

like i said i will ship out monday or tuesday.