The Official Unofficial Box of Trash List

150 boxes being offered with an opening bid of $5…I can’t wait to see what these go for


Aww, hell yeah! I’d be all over that. I can never find any good deals like that!


Awesomesauce :slight_smile: If you want, let us know what you kept and let me know when you ship it out. I’ll update the main topic.


I’ll surely do that. And we are updating the journal… which is maybe the most work of all!


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Do we get the unboxing post today?

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Pictures of all items would be madly appreciated by our wooters


I would agree :smiling_imp:


Loud flashy fun AND Urban Renewal.
Surely it doesn’t get much better…


Please add my name. This sounds like some woot fun, and I’m all about that


Well we’re off! I’ve purchased 5 boxes so far!!!

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I’m rooting for lincoln nebraska lol :laughing:


Well, I bought 16 boxes!!! Total weight is 520lbs and I pick them up on Monday. $164 cost. Regrets are approaching quickly!


I hope you get something awesome!


Ok, ok, ok… Jeez.

The box should be on its way to stop #3 on the tour sometime this coming week.

Our family selected the following items:
Essential oil
Mini compass
Mini thermometer
roll of lifesavers
mini keychain flashlight
owl crank flashlight

We are adding… at LEAST as many items as we took, probably more. I feel sorry for whoever gets this thing last, but it would make quite a trash day poem in the Green Grotto!

Edit: Thanks to @RebelTaz for putting this together! The kids thought it was a ton of fun. The wife wants a divorce. So really, a huge success all around! :slight_smile:

Edit edit: I also upgraded the box. At this rate, by the end of this thing it’ll fill an 18 wheeler…


You’ll have to let us know what you get. Let the jealousy [or giggling behind you back - depending on how it goes] begin!


Remember to have someone else open them and avert your eyes until you know it’s safe to look!


I have just shipped the BouT and @missmessye should have it tomorrow!


So let me start off by saying that this was a lot of fun! I would totally do this again.

I went through every box last night and had some major disappointments on many of them. I would say that probably 80% of everything is going to the dump…but that means 20% is not :slight_smile: (Math good). Some of the junk was sheets, towels, bathroom supplies that are super old and very smelly :nauseated_face:, personal photos, and other little nick nacks that probably had sentimental value over actual value.

Now for the the good stuff! There was one really heavy box that was full of CDs. Now I know what you’re thinking, CDs are old news. Well, I agree, but I was able to use the Decluttr app and scan every single one (well over 200) and they wanted 118 of them and will pay for the shipping to send them as well. So, more than half my money back already.

Decluttr (small)_LI

Then there was a box that brought back some childhood memories for my wife. Supposedly these were a big thing back in the 90s and they sell pretty well on eBay.

Then I found another item that brought back memories for me! This same photo creeped me out at my grandparents house. Not that valuable, but now I can creep out my kids.

Then there was this piece of art that was painted on velvet. The artist has pieces that sell decently online as well.

Now onto my favorite box. I bought a large wardrobe box that said suits on the side and boy they weren’t kidding. They are old suits, so not the style that sells anymore, but they are in great condition. They are al Oxxford suits and two had receipts from when they were bought in the 90s. One was $2,400 and the other was $4,984!!! Might have to try and get these appraised somehow. On top of that, there were 80 ties also in pristine condition. All very high end name brands like Robert Talbott, Countess Mara, Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren to name a few. But wait, there’s more! There were also over 40 sets of suspenders! Half had the tag cut off, but the other half were all Trafalgar brand which are also high end. Oh, and those belts on top are all Coach!

So, not a bad use of my time and money in my eyes. Gave me some great ideas to add to my upcoming box :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I hope you enjoyed!