The One Shirt

Nice shirt, grats Pat.

Every time I idly fiddle with this shirt, I sporadically disappear and reappear.

The lapels look like sideburns!

Congrats, patrickspens :slight_smile:

I see shirt sizes for a Small, Medium, Large, even XL and up…where’s “Hobbit?”

Hmm… I just bought the trilogy set from deals.woot for $12 the other day for my brother for Christmas…I’m thinking this shirt along with it would be awesome.

At first I thought this was a tribute to Indiana Jones and I was excited, but I realized it wasn’t and I was sad.

Then I realized it was Lord of the Rings and I got happy again!

That’s what the “children’s” selections are for.

One shirt to rule all the Halloween parties?

Ha, I love the Bilbo quote in the About the Artist bit!

Perfect to go with the recent Walmart screw up. I kinda want to wear this now on 14 Dec at midnight. I could pretend like I was Frodo as Bilbo tells the story :))))

Hmm… I’m seriously considering this one.

I really like this design… just wish it filled the front of the shirt. Stopping 2/3 of the way down isn’t working for me. :frowning:

I would love to see a flashmob of movie attendees wearing this shirt.

Yeah that’s my only complaint… but I don’t think the printing machine could do the entire thing even if they wanted to.

one does not simply make a LOTR t-shirt

Really tempted… except 3XL is, well, about 2XL too small for me.

Takes me right back to the movies so nicely done.

Haven’t found a shirt I liked in months… =\ We should do more glow in the dark since Halloween is coming up! Or at least “resurrect” some old goodies like the glow in the dark rabbit!

This is a neat design, but I can take this a step further. I have a One Ring ring, gold elvish text and all that. I pulled it off the tassel of my LOTR bookmark I bought way back when the movies first came out. One of the nice things about being a female with smallish hands. Even the cheaper dinky toy rings fit my fingers and it only cost me $3. I wear it on days when I want to pretend to disappear. :wink: