The One Shirt

I always have to tuck 'em in anyway to get at tools on my belt, so the bottom third is hidden anyway. Got a ton of woot! shirts that I’m always having to un-tuck so people can see them. Anyway, thought this was a really cool shirt, plus, I won’t have to pull it out for people to get the joke.

As my laceless shoes testify I like simple clothing solutions. Pulling on one shirt to be instantly wearing three dapper items of clothing and a snazzy ring is a tempting proposition.

I have a tungsten One Ring I got for $15.

I seem to be besieged by LOTR related merchandise lately. I bought the LOTR War in the North game for 4 bucks a couple weeks ago, the Blu-Ray trilogy deal that was on Deals.Woot a couple days ago… and now this shirt is dangled before me.

What manner of sorcery is this?

I’d really like to see someone post themselves wearing this once they get it.

I don’t see it being wearable at all…even aside from all the issues people have been having with the image on printing, the design is a box that will be slapped on a shirt. Woot can’t make it wrap around to the sides or reach from the bottom to the top. It just looks really unnatural.

I’m in,very cool shirt,suitable for framing.
How do these Honduran shirts run,I usually take an extra large but found the AA shirts from Woot were a little smaller than other XL

They are much cheaper than the shirts they used to have, even though Woot claims they are not. Needless to say Woot did it again and I’m in for one.

How different, besides chest width and length, is a man‘s from a woman‘s shirt? Are the sleeves longer, or the shoulders placed in a less flattering (for a woman) way?
Because I‘m thinking I could get the man‘s small, instead of a ws, to get a larger print. Also, the ms is only one inch wider, but 3 inches longer than the ws, so I could cut the bottom and get the print to go almost to the hem.
Would this get the expected result? Humm

Usually Bilbo wears this under his shirt to keep it secret and safe. But when he goes clubbing, it’s out and proud on a bed of chest hair.

Men’s shirts run about the same.

Women’s shirts run larger (about one size) so check the size chart.

That’s what she said!

Thanks just ordered one,will wear it for the more formal situations in my life.

DON’T tempt me, Woot! I dare not buy it, not even to keep it safe. Understand, Woot, I would use this shirt from a desire to do good. But through me, it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine.

… and you could use the shirt as wrapping ‘paper’.

Obviously Peter Jackson had nothing to do with this shirt or it would have been offered in three parts with tons of bonus material at the end.

Bilbo had a print of this shirt, that Thorin gave him. Gandalf never told him, but its worth was greater than the value of the Shire.

I love this shirt; I hope it gets a v neck, long sleeve or hoodie option.

What shirts is woot using now? I bought one when they switched a while back and it felt a lot cheaper quality. Also, the neck hole felt huge for some reason. Have they changed this? Has the decrease in quality continued?

If you already have hairy feet, all you need is some highwaters and a tree branch and you’re done.

This is kinda awesome!