The Original 304 Stainless Steel 50' Garden Hose

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The Original 304 Stainless Steel 50’ Garden Hose
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$34.49 at the mother ship #savedYouAClick

They’re not even worth that $35 price !
These hings are just as crappy as the expanding hoses that came before them !!
The reason…they have the same expanding flexible hose inside them as those expanding hoses that exploded and leaked under pressure !
Save your money folks, buy a good hose for $35 at your local hardware of big box store !
I’ve had 3 of these… and the inside flexible hose on all three…FAILED !!!

A steel hose in Texas? Hay-ll naw!

Why am I tempted here?

Someone talk me out of it.

I can’t find the diameter of the hose anywhere on the site. And no where to ask. Maybe here?

I bought these the last time they were offered. One is still in use but the other burst after several months of use. The metal banding separated and then the plastic lining burst. Not great quality. It’s nice that they take up little room on the deck or wherever since they coil tighter than a regular hose but they are not worth the cost.

The actual hose is a mere tiny little plastic tube inside of a metal sleeve. I guess this is an anti-kinking design. But fittings are what usually fail on hoses, and on this design, you’ll never be able to repair/replace a fitting. Just buy the most durable hose you can afford from a reseller like Grainger or Tractor Supply. Not worth it unless you like to treat hoses like a consumable. IME kinking comes from either a too lightweight hose or from poor handling and storage.

I wonder if people experiencing the expando hoses bursting have abnormally high water pressure? I’ve been using the “seen on TV” green type from a discount store for a few years now without issue. Maybe it’s b/c we’re on a well and not city H2O so our pressure is more reasonable.

I too was tempted by the allure of a shiny metal hose with the hope that it meant it was durable, but it is not. I have owned two of these hoses. They both broke near the end when the hose got turned too tightly with the watering wand attached. They only lasted a couple of months. They are also a little awkward to coil up and unwind. They don’t behave like a normal hose.I would never buy these again. Very disappointed. My 15 year old rubber hoses still work great.

I find the above comments very helpful, and I must say, they confirm my suspicions about this product.

On for zero. Thanks folks for talking me out of it!


I have purchase 2 of the Craftsman 100% rubber hoses over the years. One 38 years ago, and the other one 11 years ago. They both look identical. The one I purchased in 1980 is still in perfect shape and never kinks. The one I purchased in 2007 is also in perfect shape, but it does kink where the old one does not. So I guess there have been some changes to these hoses, but still a very reliable quality product.

For residential areas, pressure reducers should be present where the supply pressure exceeds 80 psi, but that only applies to the interior. I have seen hose bibs piped before the pressure reducer, which means they will see higher pressures.

(All bets are off in commercial and industrial areas.)

Please please don’t buy this!!! Ya feel me?

I’m out. Thanks for talking me out of it.

I remember getting drawn in when this was offered before and I remember not getting it despite its initial attraction, but I couldn’t remember why I opted out. After reading the comments I now remember why I didn’t buy it.

So … until next time and I hope you commenters will get here before me once again to save me from self-destruction.

I have a couple of these, plus one of those expanding hoses. The only issue I have run into with either has been the expanding hose used in conjunction with my pressure washer. It keeps “feeding” the washer after I shut-off the water, so it takes a bit to run off the remainder.

No blowouts…no broken fittings. Just lucky?