The Original 46 inch Bozo 3D Bop Bag

The Original 46 inch Bozo 3D Bop Bag

nightmare fuel

There’s so much cool stuff this Woot-off!

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What it for my child, but our kitteh has a propensity to pop inflatable guitars and such…

agreed one of the more interesting ones in a while


bozo killed woot


wanted that controller too

I’m fixing it by posting here - so I miss the next BOC. bwhahaha



Wait, is this boppo?

This is why everyone should fear clowns.:rofl:

We all float down here

Now they need to put up red balloons, that’ll scare people off

F5 like you’ve never F5’d before!!

So, the woot off is done on clearance now?

Woot off underground.

I think the BOC broke it? Only saw it in the forum after it was sold out :frowning:

I never saw it at all

You can still see the link in the forums, it’s just sold out :frowning:

Beep or Cheep