The Original Metal Garden Hose - Your Choice

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The Original Metal Garden Hose - Your Choice
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What diameter?
something else…?

Yes. Absolutely. It is either one, or none of these diameters. Quite possibly two or more (or less) at the same time. Thank you for your question!

Never even considered a metal hose. Thanks Woot?

Some of the reviews on Amazon are less than kind. Ruptures/leaks right from the start, and small in diameter so won’t allow a large water flow. I guess it all depends on the luck of the draw and the conditions of use whether or not these hoses will last.

I would think that if you were to step on it or run over it with your car it would crush it permanently.

Nope. Check YouTube. You can park a car on it.

Got mine last time and I like it so far. It doesn’t hold shape like a rubber hose so it coils up on my hose reel easily, no leaks, and doesn’t kink.

It has a more narrow diameter than a regular hose so it takes up less space. I didn’t notice a problem with flow… but then again I don’t do a lot of heavy watering.

My only complaint is the rubber grip is pretty flimsy. Seems like that’s going to tear at some point.

As someone else said, check out the reviews on amazon and look at the pictures. A lot had the end just pop right off. Some even mentioned that they got it through Woot.
It’s not a true metal hose. It’s a small rubber/plastic hose encased in metal.

I bought these the last time around and love it. It doesn’t twist or kink at all. Lays flat on the ground or wherever. Coils easily. Doesn’t get hot in direct sun. It appears that the metal is reflective enough even in Georgia to not heat up. I get a lot of water flow through it and haven’t noticed any difference with other hoses I use. No issues with quality of hose either. I’m getting another one. Dogs aren’t interested in chewing on it either.
The warranty is pointless though on the flip side. You pay to ship it to them for a claim and have to enclose ten dollars for return shipping. Might as well buy a new one from Woot again.

The fitting on the nozzle end just blew right out. The crimping of the outer lining just wasn’t tight enough. One heck of a job getting it back on and crimping it tighter with vice grips. Other wise the wife loves it.

I bought 3 and all 3 broke right at the connection. I called when the first one broke and they replaced it with no problem. Unfortunately the replacement and other 2 have since broken in the same place all in their first or second use. I’m going to try to have them replaced once more I think before I give up on them and ask for a refund. Disappointing for sure.

or you could buy one at cvs for 19.99 and return it when it breaks

I got one of these last time and love it. I’m not buying more, because I want to see if it still works next year. My handyman drove over it, and there was a definite smash factor there, but it didn’t destroy the hose.

IF it lasts, this is the best hose I’ve ever used. Kinks drive me bonkers, and this hose has made watering a simple pleasure instead of torture.