The Original SUNHEAT Electric Infrared Room Heater

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The Original SUNHEAT Electric Infrared Room Heater
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Time to learn the pros and cons of infrared heaters

Anyone know if you can have it operate using just one or two of the heating elements? I want a very low power heater for a small space.

I couldn’t find anything about a setting like that but:

750 W is 3/4 KW

Depending on your power company and how much they charge.

Home Depot claims it “Costs approximately $.62 per day to operate”

Cold climate dweller here. We have these in a couple rooms in the winter. Gives a boost to that room when someone is in it, without heating the whole house. Makes everyone happy during those days of zero and below.
An inexpensive way to have “zone” heating w/o putting in a new furnace system.

I would get one of these but our local electricity is outrageously expensive. My oven, dryer and furnace are natural gas which is quite inexpensive in comparison.

I’m not sold on the idea of these infrared heaters.


This has a 3 year warranty, not 1 year. We’ve updated the sale.

Go buy all the heaters!

Infrared does not rhyme with Impaired. Just to correct my personal favorite news channel gaffe.

Greetings WOOT staff. I thought I would try this… I sent a request to shipback those solar powered spot lights offered a few weeks back. Pushed as having 2 lights but it was only one… so you guys were nice enough to give me 5 bucks credit and offered to send me a paid shipping label to send them back. Never got a response… Any advice?

Most of these heaters are 1500W, so at 750W you already have a low power heater for a small space, that being said, use this heater only for a small space.

Is this heater noisy?

Be sure to check your spam folder for the RMA label. They end up there all the time for some reason. I’ll ask CS to send another label.

I’ll be more specific about what I’m aiming for, and perhaps someone can give an answer with that in mind. The small space I’m talking 'bout is a truck bed enclosed by a canopy. My low power requirement has a hard limit of 600 W, as it will be running off a power inverter.

So to rephrase my question more specifically, does anyone know if this has a low-power option to allow it to run at under 600 W? In other words, can it be used with just 1 or 2 of the three 250 W heating elements?

Not at all. Just a little fan hum.