The Orion Cooker

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The Orion Cooker
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5/4/2017 - $126.99 - Click To See Discussion (30 comments)

An onion cooker you say? I bet this must make incredible onions, being a machine dedicated to cooking a single food stuff. And it would be the perfect gift for the onion aficionado that has everything! I believe I shall buy the limit of 3, for all I know who enjoy a perfectly cooked onion as I do.

What’s that? Orion cooker?

Guess you’ve never had a well-cooked, juicy orion!

I’ve had one of these for about five years now. Cooked everything from Boston butts to ribs to a 20-lb. turkey. Was even successful with the difficult-to-do brisket. The only down side is that it takes a full bag of instant-light charcoal (to create the convection heat). Don’t be doing just a couple of hot dogs!

I’ve been personally responsible for convincing about five other people to invest in one. Sheesh, I should be getting a commission!

This is the BEST deal EVER. These things are amazing and at this price point - a no-brainer! These are portable smokers that cook convection style. You can smoke 6 full-slabs of ribs in 1.5 hours and they are fall-off-the-bone delicious! In for THREE

I concur. I’ve had one - bought used for $90 - for 6 years. Ribs fall OFF the bone; chicken smoked is tender and juicy. This is a good deal for hands-off, no-fuss, smoked food.

I get the concept but how do you control the temperature?

No temperature control, you adjust strictly by time – how long you let the meat cook.

Check out the review at BBQ authority
Takeaway is that there is indeed no control of temps, no crust on that butt for pulled pork or on that pricey brisket, and especially that it’s a charcoal hog that can burn through $10.00 worth of charcoal per cook.

Awesome cooker. Bought one last time they were here and immediately did a big brisket. When they say to ‘trust the time and walk away’, do just that. Let my brisket go a little long and wound up with some jerky. But, did a couple of tri-tip a week later and they were amazing.

My only issue is with cleanup. Not the simplest thing in the world to clean when you are done.

Otherwise, awesome buy. Pull the trigger and get one.

FYI…I took some aluminum flashing and created a circle that cuts the charcoal ring in half. Half the charcoal. I get about 1.5 hours of solid cooking time, enough to do ribs, meatloaf, sausage…

looks like a giant pain in the

Love the idea. I’ll make the ring size adjustable but will use steel. Not too crazy about aluminum and high heat.

I thought this was a cast off from Operation Paperclip.

I think more of a takeaway is the last paragraph:

I wanted to get another one, because mine went missing when I moved before I could use it. They’ve since doubled the price and added a couple of mystery letters in the model number, but it’s the same exact thing I bought almost 9 years ago on woot. Very disappointed!

What’s the sales pitch for a vegetarian?

Give Orion the chance to convert you to the one true church.

Does anyone know? Can you make smoked beef jerky with this thing?